Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cleveland Auto Show

Miserable cold today - just in time for Spring:)!

Photos from the Auto Show last weekend. Love these old cars, much better than the shiny new ones. Of course, the shiny new ones are safer, cleaner, easier to maintain and hands free - but where's the adventure in all that?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Great Big Icicles

The last bitter cold day of the year, a bunch of photographers from the Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society met at Viaduct Park in Bedford. At 7:30 am. 19 degrees. Crazy? Possibly. Fun? Definitely! There were more icicles on and around the Great Falls of Tinker's Creek than I've ever seen before and the falls itself was nearly frozen solid.

I braved the short scramble down the ravine to the base of the falls to take these. In prior years, I was too chicken to go to the stream bed, god knows what possessed me this time. A little icy, but not a bad climb down or back. There were some snow covered holes in the rocks, though - one of the guys broke through and had to be pulled out.

This is a black and white pano of of the main falls and a little side falls on the far right. See the cracked snow in the left foreground? Don't walk on that. The pool in front of the falls is quite deep and it's hard to tell if what's under the snow is stable rock or thin ice.

Here's a close up of the waterfall on the left. 

Two versions of a small falls upstream of Great Falls. I think I like the color version better.

Side falls next to Great Falls. Looks like and angel or maybe a headless warlock, doesn't it? The blue icicles are cleaner water, the green, brown, and tan ones are colored by various minerals and dirt as the source water flowed through dirt and rocks.

We stopped for breakfast after, some good hot coffee and gear talk. There might be a Tamron 150 - 600 in my future...

Thursday, January 22, 2015


It's been a long time since my last post, and I'm starting with a shot from last spring.

They'll be back soon, bringing sticks to repair old nests and build new.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hale Farm Civil War Re-enactment

Damned hot day for it. They had to get an ambulance to take one man away, don't know if it was heat stroke, but wouldn't be surprised.

The Civil War was bloody, gruesome, septic and awful. But watching the re-enactors, I wondered why - mechanically why, not politically why. Reloading takes forever, the accuracy of the muzzle-loaders and cannon aren't that good, especially in the heat of battle, and yet thousands of men were killed outright or died of their injuries. And horses.

Probably pointless. In the end, the industrial juggernaut of the North would have mowed down the South, or more likely assimilated it, with the same result, and many fewer young men slaughtered and much less bitterness.

Anyway, the photos:

Hot day, but a good one.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Tough Month

It's been a really tough month. Working on this year-long photography project is a lifeline to normal, or maybe just the illusion of normal, good enough for now. Maybe it will help to keep the grieving at bay until pleasant memories return.

This is the Haserot Angel at Lakeview Cemetery. Despite the long hair, it's a male figure, notable for the weathered tear stains on the face and neck. No one seems to know it the artist foresaw them.

Favorite earring on a favorite background, my Dad's childhood desk. My brothers also used used it, as much for a work bench as for a desk. When I refinished it, I left the battle scars.

Yup, coming up on Easter. A bunny I made a million years ago.

There's always a redwing blackbird on the topmost branch of the tallest spruce in my backyard, reminding all comers that this is his territory and they better stay the heck out. Added a Kim Klassen texture to a very dull sky.

And yes, after surviving the winter undiseased, it got me. Triple-soothing? Nuh-uh.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park

Taking a break from P365. I went with a group of photographers to Yosemite in May. We did some of the normal tourista stuff, but also got off the beaten path a bit. The photos below are of Tenaya Lake on the Tioga Pass road. The week after these were shot, the road was closed again because of snow. It's beautiful, wild and remote. Having grown up in northeastern Ohio, I'm used to lakes have sandy or mud bottoms. Tenaya has a granite bottom, with little drifts of granite pebbles and very little vegetation. It's lovely. If you go to Yosemite take the time - and the hair-raising drive - to visit the high country.

Friday, May 9, 2014

April, April - Where Did You Go?

He looks so innocent, doesn't he?

Having a grumbly moment, cut off from caffeine due to migraines. Didn't work, either.

Little purple ink lines, defying gravity.

Someone else having a grumbly moment, due to indignities suffered at the hands of the vet.

Chionodoxa in the garden, looking lit from within. They're tiny things, about an inch across.

April passed so quickly - lots of catching up to do!